6.9 Million International support for mine clearance in the countyغ


The National Mine Action Center (NMAC) has received support from a number of European partners to finance the country’s mine-clearing project, pointing that Britain has provided $ 5.6 million in subsidies and $ 1 million from Japan and $ 300,000 from Italy in support of removals in a number of states.
Speaking to the SMC the Deputy Director of Operations at the National Center, Hatem Khamis Rahma, said a plan to start work in the states of South and West Kordofan, Abyei and Blue Nile will be continued for a period of four years, pointing out that Sudan is a member of the Mine Ban Treaty, 2014 to combat antipersonnel mines, stockpiled, processed and cultivated for disposal.
He stressed that the work comes within the framework of the state’s commitment to the issue of mine clearance, as well as the declaration of the absence of the eastern states of the country from the threat of mines as an initial stage to continue work in the states.
Work will stop due to the rainy season and will resume in October according to the plan to extend the country’s mine action program to be held in November