(7) Killed in clashes between Darfur movements in Libya

Heavy fighting between two groups following to Jibril and Abdul-Wahid near Kufra

At least seven rebels of the Darfur movements in Libya have been killed and dozens wounded in violent clashes near the southern town of Kufra between a group affiliated with the movement of Jibril Ibrahim and Yusuf Kargakula group of the rebel movement Abdul Wahid.

speaking to (SMC) the dissident leader from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Abdullah Ishaq al-Qaidi said that The clashes occurred between the two parties because of differences over the distribution of logistical support provided to the movements in Libya, led to exchanges between some leaders and evolved into armed confrontations, which resulted in a number of dead and wounded from both sides, pointing that the events took place near the city of Kufra.