About us

The Sudanese Media Centre (SMC) was founded in December 2002 to provide news and information about Sudan to the world from a local perspective, not influenced by the mainstream media or by foreign agendas. The SMC operates with respect for truth and the people’s right to information.

Our goal is to publish objective, ethical reports that respect the people and the national interests of the country.  We adhere to our policy of operating with the highest of ethical standards, objectivity and accuracy at the highest professional levels.

Other services

The SMC is a platform for the various Sudanese parties to engage in debates that respect freedom of speech and expression, including the hosting and organizing of press conferences and provide training to journalists.

The SMC also serves as reference for journalists, a source of training and interaction that foster a healthy debate among Sudanese journalists, civil society, government, opposition and intellectuals in Sudan and abroad.

The SMC releases information 24 hours a daily in Arabic, English and French.

To contact us:


Khartoum – Jamhouriya Street

Telephone: 183787604- 183787606- Fax: 183 787 605

Email: smcnews@hotmail.com

Twitter: @SudanSMC

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