Administrative reports confirm the Failure of Doctor Strike


Medical administrative reports revealed that the doctors in the reference hospitals in the Khartoum and the states did not interact with the calls for doctors strike last Thursday.

According to (SMC) the report said that the attendance rate of the specialists in (Khartoum Hospital , Khartoum Teaching veterinary Hospital, Bahri hospitals , Radiation and Isotopes Center Khartoum (RICK), Jafar Ibn Auf Pediatric Hospital, Khartoum ENT Hospital, brain and the nerves center and Omdurman Hospital) reached 100%, while the presence of specialists in the states (568) out of (591).

The report has also revealed that the presence rate of anesthesiologist and medical professions in reference hospitals in Khartoum and states recorded 100%.

The report confirmed the presence of all the Khartoum, Omdurman and RICK, specialists and their deputies, anesthesiologists, general medicals and medical professionals on Thursday, where none of them participated in the strikes.