Africa State of Mind with Lee Kasumba: Rozan, the epitome of globalization

Rozan Ahmed is an internationally established writer, creative director, advisor, advocate, and popular commentator who has played an influential role in leading new frontiers, and shifting attitudes in the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

As the CEO and founder of, her contribution to alternative pop culture and narrative is second to none.

Selected by the government of Sudan as a cultural ambassador, Rozan launched a multipurpose platform called Africanism which explored, elevated and protected African aesthetics globally.

This Sudanese powerhouse has also had the role of editor at RWD magazine, writer at Vogue and an editor for the fictional comic book Latifa, which narrates the life of an Arabic female superhero.

Her latest social project Fushion, has been described as an amalgamation of everything that represents Rozan in her entirety.

The cultural ambassador says that she’s purely Sudanese, but people tend to think she’s Middle Eastern due to the beautifully cultured fusion between Sudan and the Middle East.

She says that she’s lived in a few places but feels more comfortable sleeping and waking up in Sudan, Kenya and Jamaica.

Rozan says that in addition to her various cultural layers, she also grew up in England. I’m very British and you can see that in a lot of my habits and thinking she says.

I always felt outcasted because there was this constant confusion growing up says Rozan.

Rozan says that she’s re-evaluated her experiences and self-worth in today’s world. I’ve realised that I belong everywhere says the pioneer.

Rozan adds that there’s a third culture community that’s able to integrate and exist in the world.

source: capetalk