African Activist: ICC Aims to Destroy African States


Pan African Forum leader Dr. David Nyekorach Matsanga in a new wave of criticism accused the International Criminal Court (ICC) of trying to destroy African states. This comes days after the news leaks that the ICC Head had received bribes to provide false witnesses to ensure the indictment of President Al Bashir of Sudan.   Matsanga has called on ICC President Judge Silvia Alejandra Fernandez de Gurmendi Judge de Gurmendi to resign from her position following scandals of bribes and corruption, according to reports published by the UK based The London Evening Post, under the headline: ICC President in corruption Scandal over Bashir.   Matsanga has pointed out in the Pan African Forum that it improper for an ICC judge to receive unexplained colossal sums of money which outmatch her annual salary.   He added that her resignation would allow proper investigations to take place hence an account on how she continued to receive large sums of money into her private accounts from 2004, the year Sudan President Omal Al Bashir was accused by the court on charges of crimes against humanity, to 2015.   Matsanga argued that the indictment against President Bashir now looks to have been carried out through the corrupting of senior ICC officials.   President Al Bashir been defying  the International Criminal Court since its 2009 allegations he was responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.