AFRICOM Deputy Chief Visits Sudan for Security Talks


Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General, Emad Edeen Mustafa Adawi met, Wednesday, the visiting Deputy Commander of U.S.-African Command for Civil-Military Engagement (AFRICOM), Alexander M. Laskaris.

Adawi said, in press statements following the meeting that the visit comes in the context of cooperation between the two countries and armies in addition to the dialogue between Khartoum and Washington. Also attending the meetings were the US Charge d’ Affaires in Khartoum Steven Koutsis.

“The visit will provide an opportunity to discuss a range of key areas of mutual interest including Sudan’s continued progress in improving humanitarian access; achieving a sustainable end to the conflicts in Darfur and the Two Areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile states; and regional security concerns,” a US embassy statement said.

Adawi asserted that the road map between the two countries and the regional issues, especially, the situations in Libya, adding that Sudan and US shared the same positions on Libya. ‘The situations in Somalia and the efforts being exerted to combat terrorism and human trafficking, in the region, ewer also discussed’ Engineer, Adawi pointed out.

He underlined that the relations between the Armed Forces and the US Forces have been strong and developed in the past periods, explaining that the meeting reviewed the continuation of military cooperation between the two countries after completing some of the topics that would pave the way for military cooperation.

He disclosed that Sudan has received an invitation to participate in the Bright Star Military Exercises as an observer .

The visit opened the door for more dialogue and meetings to discuss a number of issues which can put the Sudan-US military cooperation on the right track.

He said his meeting with the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff reviewed a number of issues, top of which, the Sudan-US relations and the situations in Libya and Somalia, stressing that the two sides shared joint understanding and awareness for the necessity for maintaining peace and security in Libya.

In January, the former Obama administration announced an easing of the sanctions, but after a delay of six months, to see Khartoum’s commitment to a five-track deal.

Washington will decide on October 12 on whether to permanently lift two-decade sanctions on Sudan.