Agreement between TMC and FFC Receives Wide International and Regional Welcome


The Secretary-General of the United Nations is encouraged by the agreement reached between the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) and the Transitional Military Council (TMC) in Sudan on 5 July towards the establishment of transitional governing bodies, the Spokesman for the Secretary-General said in a statement.

He congratulates the African Union and Ethiopia for their role in mediating the Sudanese-led talks and commends the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) for its support to the process.

The Secretary-General encourages all stakeholders to ensure the timely, inclusive, and transparent implementation of the agreement and resolve any outstanding issues through dialogue.
He also welcomes the parties’ commitment to conducting an independent investigation into the violence perpetrated against peaceful protesters, including the events on 3 June.

The Secretary-General expresses his solidarity with the people of Sudan and reiterates the commitment of the United Nations to assist in the transition process.
Meanwhile, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the agreement reached between the TMC and FFC in the Sudan.

The Turkish ministry said that it welcomes the agreement that resulted from the talks that were held between the TMC and FFC in Khartoum, expressing hope that the step would contribute to boosting stability in Sudan.

Also, Egypt, the Arab League and the State of Kuwait welcomed the declaration of the agreement reached between the TMC and FFC on formation of sovereignty council and a civilian government of independent national competencies.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out in a statement it issued that the agreement constitutes an important step in the process of boosting security, stability and peace in Sudan.
Egypt also reiterated that it would continue its support to Sudan to surpass the current stage and restore its important role at the Arab, African and international levels.

The Arab League, on its part, welcomed the agreement on the arrangements for the transitional period in Sudan that has been reached between the TMC and FCC.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Bahrain, also welcomed the agreement as a statement issued by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs described it as “an important step for realizing the aspirations of the sisterly Sudanese people for security, peace and stability and safeguarding the institutions of the state and its unity.”
The statement reaffirmed the solidarity of the Kingdom of Bahrain with Sudan and its sisterly people and its support to all measures that would contribute to overcoming the challenges of the current stage.

In the meantime, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed welcome to the agreement reached in Sudan, pointing out that the Kingdom looks forward that this important step would constitute start for a new stage of stability and security in fulfillment of the aspirations of the brothers in Sudan, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), reiterating the supportive stance of Saudi Arabia to Sudan and its sisterly people in boosting its security, stability and prosperity.

The State of Kuwait, on its part, also welcomed the accord, hoping that it would contribute to a start of a new stage that would safeguard the security and stability of the Sudan and realize the aspirations of its people, according to a statement issued by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry.