Agricultural Bank: CBoS Provides (3.6) Billion to Purchase Wheat


The Agricultural Bank of Sudan revealed that it has received (3,889,066) sack of wheat through payment in kind and purchase from farmers.

It also received (3,597) billion of Sudanese pounds from the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS) to purchase the wheat from farmers in the production areas since the beginning of harvest.

According to SMC, the bank’s report identified that the total of cultivated area of wheat exceeded (720) thousand acres, indicating that the harvest has exceeded so far (530) thousand acres with a productivity amounted to (6,910,706) sack.

It also revealed that  the CBoS and the finance portfolio mechanism, which consisting of mill companies have provided (3,696) billion pounds for the purchase of wheat from farmers.

The report pointed out that the harvest operations exceeded 73% with an average production of (12) sack per acres, expecting productivity of (8.6) million sack of wheat in harvest this year.