Al-Burhan addresses Sudanese Nation on Eid Al-Adha occasion


The Chairman of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council Abdel Fattah al-Burhan called on Sunday for the protection of the August 4 agreement on the Constitutional Declaration and expressed willingness to establish civilian rule in the country.

In a speech delivered on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, al-Burhan called on all the Sudanese to prepare for a new phase of work, production and devotion, in order to rebuild, develop, and achieve the higher interests of the country.

He pointed out that Sudan is in dire need for concerted efforts in all fields and domains, and to cooperate to face the challenges and overcome all the obstacles hindering development.

“There is no place today for the proponents of sedition, extremism and hatred,” he said.

Al-Burhan praised the patience of the Sudanese people during the political crisis that began in December 2018. He further praised the struggle if the Sudanese youth for peace, freedom and justice.

Also, he greeted the Sudanese army, the Rapid Support Forces, the police and the General Intelligence Service as they guard Sudan and ensure its security, he said.