Al-Hilu leaves the Nuba Mountains for Treatment in Nairobi


Abdul Aziz al-Hilu, head of the Sudan People Liberation Movement  northern sector (SPLM-N) has travelled to the Ugandan capital of Kampala and then to Nairobi for treatment of a health problem.

According to sources in the movement, that the al-Hilu had been to Kampala in early February, in disguise and living in the neighborhood of MacRary, in conjunction with the start of negotiations of the two regions in Addis Ababa, pointing to the departure of the al-Hilu to Nairobi for illness reasons.

The source pointed out that Al-Hilu left the Nuba Mountains for Kampala for the first time since his arrival from Juba last June, in order to pursue the negotiations, including hospitalization in Nairobi.

The leaders of the movement express their fear of the absence of Al-Hilu for a long time, saying that there may be a destabilization of his opponents.