All Sudanese Nationalities by Naturalization Issued in Past Period to be Reviewed


The Director General of the Police Forces has issued a decision establishing a specialized technical committee to examine and review all the documents of the Sudanese nationality by naturalization that were granted under Article 9 of the Sudanese Nationality Act.

A circular issued by the Police said that the technical committee is competent to review all nationalities by naturalization which were issued during the past period and their compliance with the conditions and legal regulations.

It is worth mentioning that the special committee to review and study applications for the Sudanese nationality by naturalization issued by Decree No. (2016/850) has been suspended earlier by a decision of the Director General of the police forces.

The review and examination Committee comes in completion to the decision to examine the documents granted in order to preserve the Sudanese identity and safeguard identity documents.

The Director General of the Police Forces has given two weeks to the committee to submit its recommendations after examining all the cases prior to submitting these recommendations to the sovereign authorities for taking a decision.