Alliance between SPLM-AW and Libyan Rebel Forces against Hafter


Libyan civic leaders revealed on alliance between Sudan People Liberation Movement – Abdel–Wahid Nur (SPLM-AW) and the rebel forces in Libya against Khalifa.

Speaking to SMC, Ahmed al-Jafrawi, one of the leaders said that the forces of (SPLM-AW) in Libya led by Yusuf “Karjkola” participated in the battles of the oil fields, where its allied with the rebel forces and house Benghazi and Ibrahim al-Jidran’s forces against Haftar’s forces.

He noted that Haftar’s forces was able to resolve these battles by using land and air forces in cooperation with other rebel movements in Libya.

Al-Jafrawi said that the disagreements  between Haftar and the movements in Libya will increase because Haftar fail in fulfilling the logistic obligation by providing material and military support to the movements.