Another Large Weapons Bust in Ongoing Disarmament Campaign in Darfur


Vice-President Hassabo Mohammed Abldul Rahman has directed the government of North Darfur State to continue the Firearms collection Campaign to strengthen security and stability .
This came when Hassabo met, Sunday, at the Republican Palace, the Governor of North Darfur State, Al-Sharief Mohammed Abad .
The meeting discussed the overall security and political situations in the state besides, the displaced voluntary repatriation .
In West Darfur, the Rapid Intervention Forces, seized huge quantities of ammunition and firearms being smuggled, along with quantities of fuel, commodities and imported alcoholic drinks.
Gen Issam Eddin Salih Fidhail, the second commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces in the region said that beside its combat mission, the RSF are also seeing the enforcement of the law and prevention of smuggling.
The seized weapons including 13000 Kalashnikov bullets, 1300 Garanov bullets,13 cases of ammunition, 165 RPG magazine, 2 Kalashnikov rifles, military equipment, 665 barrels of fuel, 550 sacks of sugar, 600 cases of body crème, 150 jerry cane of edible oil and two cases of imported alcoholic drinks.
The acting governor of the state, Mohamed Sharaf Eddin, commended the role played by the rapid forces and how they help realize security and stability in the region and in the campaign to collect unlicensed firearms.
He said his state will continue with the collection of the firearms in the region to the last piece.