Arab Parliament calls for removal of Sudan from US list of states that sponsor terrorism

Dr. Mishaal Al Salami, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, announced a plan to encourage the United States to remove Sudan from the “State Sponsors of Terrorism List” of the US State Department.

Speaking today during a press conference with Osama Faysal, Minister of State at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, Al Salami said that the plan will be reviewed by the parliament during its upcoming session, before being endorsed and implemented.

According to the plan, the secretaries-general of the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Countries, OIC, and the African Union will be requested to issue a joint message addressed to the US Secretary of State to remove Sudan from the list.

Al Salami also said he appreciated the role of some Arab countries in ending the US economic sanctions against Sudan.

He added that Sudan plays a vital regional and international role, while noting Sudan’s contributions to the recently signed ceasefire agreement in South Sudan, as well as its assistance in combatting terrorism and supporting the Arab Coalition in Yemen. Removing Sudan from this list should be seriously considered, he stressed.

Also, the participants in a meeting between the parliament and Sudan agreed on their working plan, Faysal said.

source: gulftoday