Arrangements for Sudan- China Joint Working Group’ Meeting


Sudan’s Prime Minister (PM) Moataz Mussa observed preparations for the meeting of the Sudan- China joint working group, which scheduled to be held next days.

Following his meeting with the state minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Osama Faisal, Mussa said in a press statement that a delegation from China will arrive Sudan to follow up the prospects of cooperation and relations with Sudan, particularly, in the economic field and the joint projects between the two countries.

In other context, Faisal has informed the prime minister on the World Bank’s report on business performance, saying that the prime minister underlined the need to continue in developing and improving business performance and improve the country’s investment climate through all partners, indicating that Sudan had made significant progress in this regard.

Faisal has also presented a report on the work  of the Committee for the Protection of Children in Conflict, in which Sudan achieved great success after the United Nations announcing that Sudan had emerged from the list use of children in armed conflict.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister hailed these successes and called for doubling the effort to achieve many gains in regional and international forums.