Arrangements to Resolve the Fuel Crisis in the Country: Al-Bashir


The President of the Republic, Omar al-Bashir disclosed arrangements to resolve the fuel crisis in the country.

Addressing mass rally in South Darfur capital of Nyala on Monday, al-Bashir said “the government has arrangements to provide petroleum products with the support by our brothers, especially our brothers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who have stood with us at this hard moment”.

He said that UAE has provided about $ 4 billion of non-oil export revenues, while Sudan’s need $ 8 billion of foreign exchange.

President al-Bashir said”Sudan will remain unified, secure and developed country, adding we will not allow it to be destroyed and we will hand over power only to the people of Sudan”.

Al-Bashir said in a clear message that Sudan is guarded by its people and the demonstrations and sabotage acts will not change the government.