Briefing Meeting to Ambassadors, Representatives of International Organizations on Gum Arabic Conference

A briefing meeting is to be held at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today for ambassadors of the African and European countries and representatives of the international organizations in Khartoum on the International Gum Arabic Conference, which is to be organized by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in Khartoum on May 1-3.
The meeting would be addressed by Minister of Industry and Trade Hamid Mumtaz, the Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Conference, Ambassador Kamal Jubara, the rapporteur of the committee and former minister of industry and trade Dr. Musa Karama, member of the committee.
Meanwhile, Sudan Ambassador to Brussels Dr. Mutrif Sidig has announced that his embassy is endeavoring to take the necessary procedures to include gum Arabic sector in the partnership program between the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group (ACP) and the European Union.
This came when the ambassador met Secretary General of Gum Arabic Council Dr. Abdul-Majid Abdul-Gadir, who chairs the committee on programs and activities of the International Gum Arabic Conference.
Meanwhile, the deputy ambassador Osman Ahmed explained that application to include the gum Arabic sector comes similar to other commodity sectors that are adopted by the EU as part of the supported commodities, including that of sugar, cocoa, cotton and bananas.