Britain Lauds Sudan For Efforts to End War in South Sudan


British ambassador to Khartoum, Michael Aaron, expressed on Sunday support for the efforts of the Government of Sudan to bring peace to South Sudan state and to stop the war.

He said Britain wants peace in South Sudan and that refugees in Sudan should return to their country.

During a visit to the White Nile State, a delegation from the federal government and donors inspected the areas of the South Sudanese refugee camps and the Sudanese returnees from the South.

The visit included the camps of Daba, Busn, Alaqaya and gawdah, during which they discussed the community security and stability projects carried out by the Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

During the visit, the British ambassador said the British government will support development projects for refugees and host communities in the White Nile state.

Also present was the Deputy Ambassador of Spain who praised the social cohesion between refugees and Sudanese, saying they supported those communities in agricultural projects, services and pledged continued support in the coming years.

The Minister of International Cooperation, Ambassador Sulaiman Idris, stressed that refugee hosting communities provided a unique model for the whole world in the humanitarian field and social coexistence to harbor, support and assist southern citizens.

He said the ministry’s priorities focus on development projects, health services, education and drinking water, noting that the White Nile state will find special support to host large numbers of southern refugees.

In turn the returnees and refugees in all areas visited by the delegation emphasized that these projects have contributed to social stability by providing livelihoods for youth and women, and strengthening the resilience of local communities to building and sustaining peace.