Cairo Apologizes For Provocations in Halayeb


A reliable source from Cairo leaked new information has not been disclosed yet about the four-way meeting between the foreign ministers of Egypt and Sudan and intelligence chiefs of both countries, held recently in Cairo.

The Sudanese side told their Egyptian counterparts that they could possibly declare Halayeb an occupied zone, which had consequences, such as enabling the United Nations to intervene in the file (politically or through channels).

The Sudanese side has put before his Egyptian counterpart the option of withdrawing from Halayeb or resorting to international arbitration, unless the file is handed over to the heads of the two countries to decide directly.

The source said that the Egyptian side considered the proposals of Sudanese counterpart, in response to media reports of “provocations and harassment” of the Sudanese forces in the Halayeb area, as well as the Egyptian authorities’ frequent transfer of Friday prayers from the area.

At the same time, the Egyptian side apologized if some of the actions were ”misunderstood” or ”unintentional”. It was not clear if the Sudanese side accepted the apology.