CISSA Praises Sudan Efforts to Achieve Peace And Stability in South Sudan


The 15th Conference of The Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) which took place in the Namibian capital Windhoek on Sunday praised Sudan’s efforts in bringing South Sudan parties together to achieve peace and stability, as well as its efforts to combat illegal immigration, organized crime and human trafficking.

The conference took place with the attendance of 47 General Directors, deputies and senior leaders of the African bodies, chaired by the Sudan’s National Inelegance and Security Services (NISS) General Director, Salah Abdullah Gosh, the current Chairperson of CISSA.

The conference took place under slogan “Enhancing human security through equitable management of resources for achieving peace and sustainable stability in Africa.”

Gosh, Director-General of NISS thanked the great efforts made during his presidency of CISSA, specially Organized crime and illegal immigration.

The conference, which concluded with a number of issues of common interest, also present an enlightenment to the African Union and the Peace and Security Council on the current situation in the continent.

It called for the importance of concerted efforts by African States to confront common threats and issues.

Gosh also handed over the Namibian state the presidency of the CISSA at its current session in succession to Sudan, which held it in September last year.

The conference was inaugurated by the Namibian Vice-President and 47 African security officials and their deputies, as well as a number of non-member countries from outside Africa.

In September last year, Khartoum hosted the 14th Conference of the Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) under the theme “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership against Terrorism and Political Stability in Africa”.

The final communique of the Khartoum conference, read by CISSA Executive Director Shamlis Samayat, called for spreading the concept of comprehensive approach and exchanging information among member states to fight terrorism, organized crime and negative activity in Africa, and to use the relevant African blocs and institutions to achieve the desired goals.

The statement thanked Sudan’s efforts in supporting CISSA and ensured that the Security Academy  established in Ethiopia aimed to support training and scientific activities and to build the capacity of CSISA personnel.

CISSA is a Sudanese proposal, initiated by  Salah Abdullah Mohammed Gosh Director General of the NISS during the meetings of Angola. The procedures for the establishment were later taken from Addis Abba and its first conference was held in Abuja In 2005.