Clashes Within SPLM-AW In The Area Of (Trentunga)


Violent clashes erupted within Sudan People Liberation Movement –Abdelwahid El Nur (SPLM-AW) in the area of ​​Trentunga.

The clashes between Abdullah Gengo group and Banbano group led by Ahmed Idris led to the death and injuring 3 members of the movement and injuring 5 civilians due to reckless ammunition.

Speaking to SMC, Abdullah Adam, one of the dissident leaders SPLM-AW  said that the disagreements escalated in the headquarters of the movement’s general leadership, expected that these conflicts will divide the movement into many groups of conflict.

He indicated that the clashes erupted between the movement’s police group led by Genghu and other group led to the death of one member and injuring two others.

Adam pointed out that the clashes also resulted in the injuries among the citizens.