Consultations with CAR Remaining Group to Join the Negotiations Process: FM


large number of armed opposition factions has agreed to resumed negotiations with the Central African Republic (CAR) government, said the Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry is leading consultations and intensive meetings with the remaining group to join the negotiations process, which starts in Khartoum mid-next month.

Speaking to SMC, the Foreign Minister Dardairi Mohammed Ahmed said that”the main armed groups have committed themselves to negotiating with CAR government for peace and security”, adding that Khartoum would review the Central African negotiations as it did with the South Sudan parties.

Dardari said that the time to start the negotiations has done  in consultation with the representative of the United Nations and the African Union in Bangui, stressing that the Sudan will lead efforts to succeeded this negotiations.

For his part, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Osama Faisal said there is a coordination with the African Union to bring the views of the parties in Central Africa closer, indicating that there are consultations with other groups to join the Khartoum negotiations.