Consultative forum on Human Trafficking between Sudan and Ethiopia


The city of Mekelle the capital of Tigray State hosted a consultative forum on combating human trafficking between Ethiopia and Sudan.

The forum organized and sponsored by Mekelle and Gedaref Universities for the third times.

The speakers at the forum emphasized that the human trafficking is a serious criminal phenomenon that violates human rights, stressing that such forums contribute in promoting the relations between the two countries.

In a related context, the Blue Nile State revealed the arrival of a security committee from the Ethiopian province of Benishangul “Assosa” to discuss and continue border meetings.

Speaking to SMC, the State’s official spokesperson Mohammed Abu Al-Qassim said that the delegation of Benishangul met with the state governor and discussed with him the common issues, notably the security arrangements and agreement on the formation of a joint force at border to prevent combat human trafficking and smuggling.