Cultural center boosting relations between Qatar and Sudan

Sudanese Cultural Center has become a main centre for Sudanese expatriates in Qatar where they celebrate their culture, organise wedding functions and enjoy colourful musical and song programmes.

“Run by Embassy of Sudan in a separate building at Muither near Aspire Park, Sudanese Cultural Center has hosted various cultural activities like organising art cultural exhibition, singing and music programmes, stage shows and book fairs,” said Abdul Ilah Abusin, Director of the Center and Cultural Advisor to the Embassy.

He said that Center is playing key role in strengthening cultural relation between Qatar and Sudan and with other expatriate communities in the country

“The Center offers a number of training programme to Sudanese and other expatriate communities. For example some professionals who joined Qatar job market from Sudan got training from the Sudanese experts at the Center,” said Abusin.

He said that the Center runs a number of courses like learning English language, computer and teacher training for those who come to Qatar to work in education sector

The Center has a number of sections as per the activities like women and children. The women and children section holds activities related to women like training for stitching and embroidery. The section also holds programmes for children like traditional and modern electronic games.

Sudanese Cultural Center hosted recently a famous Sudanese singer, Ismael Hasab Al Daim to perform in a cultural programme. Over 500 Sudanese expatriates attended the programme to see their favourite artist performing live.

The Center was established according to the cultural agreement between two countries. The Center is representing all Sudanese expatriates in Qatar and the residents of some other nationalities which organise some activities at the Center.

The Center celebrated the independent day of Sudan by organising reception and exhibition featuring stories about independence of Sudan. The celebration which was held last week lasted for three days.

The exhibition also included the heritage of the country and cultural books. The three-day celebration was attended by big number of Sudanese expatriate families including women and children.

A function was also held at Sudanese School-Qatar to celebrate independence day of Sudan. An exhibition and cultural programmes including patriotic songs were part of the celebration.

The Organisation of Sudanese Expatriate Community in Qatar is holding social and cultural activities for Sudanese expatriates in Qatar on different occasions including Qatar National Day, Sudanese Independence Day, Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha among many more.

“The organisation is preparing to organise a programme to celebrate Sudanese Independence Day in a big way on February 8,” said Eng Abdulmagid Dafallah Al Mahi, President of Organsiation of Sudanese Expatriate Community in Qatar.

He said that the organisation will host a famous Sudanese singer to sing Sudanese patriotic song.

“A number of artists, poets, singers and musicians from Sudanese Expatriate Community participate in the programmes. In addition, famous artists and singers are also being hosted from Sudan,” said Al Mahi.

He said that last week, the organisation in collaboration with Sudanese Cultural Center hosted a programme to celebrate the Independence Day in Sudanese Embassy.

“There are a number of secretariats under Organsiation of Sudanese Expatriate Community like cultural, social, women and children and sports which submit their programmes and activities scheduled to be held round-the-year on different occasions, vacations and weekend,” said Al Mahi.

Source: thepeninsulaqatar