Daglo Announces Increase of Teachers’ Salaries and Offers Them Incentive of Three-month Salary


Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has extended an incentive of three months for teachers and promised to increase their salaries by a large proportion to be equal to the highest salaries in the country.

During his visit to the Ministry of Education Thursday, Lt. Gen. Daglo d donated 5,000 pounds to each teacher who are marking the Secondary Certificate exam papers whose number is six thousand teachers, handing out the dues of the control (1200 teachers) who are currently working to review the work of marking in the Ministry of Education.

He stressed the importance realizing justice and achieving equality between all people and the fight against injustice.

“We have learned that the salary of the teacher is 1000 pounds only, and 250 pounds of which are deducted, and this situation makes the teachers living a catastrophic situation, and this a great injustice, so we consider you as volunteers and not employees,”, he said.

Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Military Council has briefed the teachers on the developments in the political arena, saying that “we assure you that we will not allow the fall of the country in the abyss and will not hand it to those who want to settle accounts”.

He said that “it is necessary that there shall be real justice and we are not missing anyone, and it is necessary to involve all those who participated in the change”, he said stressing the importance of continued negotiation between the TMC and the Forces of Freedom and Change

He Called on all forces to work for the country’s interest until it emerges out from the crisis.

Lt. Gen. Daglo revealed that he suggested installing large screens in the courtyard of the sit-in to transfer the negotiating sessions directly to the revolutionaries so that they be in public and not in closed rooms and that everyone knows the extent of honesty with which the Council deals with these forces, indicating that this suggestion was rejected by some parties.

It is to be recalled that 539,000 male and female students, including 6000 foreigners from 23 nationalities, sat for the Secondary Certificate’s exam this year all over the country, and at 13 exam centers in sister and friendly countries.