Daglu: Saudi, UAE Financial Supports are Deposited at Central Bank to be Directed for Development

The Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Military Council, Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglu said all the financial supports that have arrived from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are deposited at the central bank of Sudan besides the funds that were seized from the previous regime.

He added, all the funds would be allocated for the development and reconstruction of the Sudan.

Addressing a mass rally at the Eastern Nile area yesterday, Daglo called for shunning tribalism, regionalism and racism for the sake of development of the Sudan and enabling it to assume its place among the advanced countries of the world in all fields.

He affirmed that the agreement that has been reached with the Forces of Freedom and Change requires cooperation of all, referring to the endeavor of the TMC to meet the demands of the people.

He vowed that the TMC would bring all the corrupts to account according to the law, affirming that the coming government would give top priority to improving the living conditions of the people and providing them with the basic services in the fields of health and education.

Source: Local Newspaper