Darfur Forces Reject Call to Keep UNAMID

The Darfurian forces confirmed their categorical rejection of the movements of Minawi and Gabriel Ibrahim, in order to keep the peacekeepers UNAMID in Darfur.
Mohamed Idris, member of the leadership of the Sudan Liberation Movement, the second revolution of said to the SMC the reasons for the presence of UNAMID in Darfur, the disappearance of the war and the end of the rebellion, pointing out that the rebel movements lost all of their cards, calling them to join the peace and dialogue, which went a long way in the implementation of its outputs.
The leader of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Nahar Osman Nahar said armed movements are trying to send a message that they are present and can meet many Western officials, he describing the move as a reaction to the gains made by the government and its success in lifting sanctions and bringing peace to Darfur.
Pointing out that the withdrawal of UNAMID from Darfur is agreed upon and came in accordance with the consensus of the Security Council, explaining that the facts on the ground confirm the usefulness of the UNAMID presence in Darfur militarily, but must go to the field of development and resettlement projects displaced.