Darfur peace process based on Doha Document: Sudan official

December 09 2018

QNA/ Khartoum

The international community has unanimously agreed that the Doha Peace Document is the basis of the peace process in Darfur and that any steps taken for armed movements to join the Doha document are carried out because it has received recognition and global support along with the popular approval by the people of Darfur, said Magdy Khalafallah, Minister of State, Head of the Darfur Peace Office.
Khalafallah pointed to the achievements of the Doha Peace Document, which transformed the international community’s view of Darfur from a state of war and conflict to a permanent state of stability supported by large national development projects that changed the region’s features and provided a model for the world in the new face of peace in Sudan.

This came in statements yesterday to Qatar News Agency (QNA), in which he reiterated the Sudanese government’s strict adherence to the Doha platform as the basis for negotiations and the final signing of any peace agreement with the armed movements.

He pointed out that the current political atmosphere in the country of successes achieved in Darfur in the areas of national dialogue and progress in the disarmament processes and security in Darfur and its transition to sustainable development is one of the most significant gains achieved by the Doha Document on the ground.
He stressed that the Sudanese government and people appreciate what Qatar was doing for the country and its keenness on security and stability.

As for the consultations held in the German capital, Berlin between the Sudanese government and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Arko Minawi and justice and equality led by Khalil Ibrahim which reached an agreement on Thursday, he said that it aimed to arrange the agenda for the start of formal negotiations with them through the basic negotiating platform in Doha and in accordance with the Doha Peace Document.

The negotiations are expected to begin in January and will be decided according to the agreed agenda and reach its end through the mechanisms that are proposed to implement any final agreement with them in Doha.

He said that with the holding of the Doha negotiations with the movements of Manawi and Khalil Ibrahim, more than 90% of the armed movements have joined the Darfur peace and agreed that the Doha document as the basis for peace, stressing that the door to join the Doha peace document is still open to all and that the government is still more careful to negotiate with the supporters and opponents and armed movements to return to embrace the homeland and contribute to the construction and make the most of the opportunities available to them to adjust their situation and abandon intransigence, which is useless.