Darfur Rebels Regroup in Libya

Dafur rebel groups have regrouped in Libya and bolstered ties with some local tribes in oil-rich areas after they were expelled from Kufra town earlier this year, according to SMC sources.The Darfur rebels numbering in the thousands are now taking positions at Zula, Obari and Al Gutran.

The force taking position at Zula, some 750 kilometres southeast of Tripoli, led by two rebels namely, Jabir Isahk and Rajab Jau is estimated of 1000 personnel possessing nearly 110 vehicles.

The other force that takes place at Obari and Al Gutran areas led by Gibril Ishak owns 20 vehicles and conducts movements under tribal protection on roads that lead to Chad, Sudan and Niger.

The third group of Darfurian rebel movements is led by Haroun Abu Taiwila . 
Abu Tawil force composed of nearly 350 rebel elements is taking place at Marada. Furthermore two Libyan colonels Ali Seidi and Mabrok Hinash are in charge of cooperating activities between Darfurian rebel groups, as sources say.

The Darfurian rebels are now wafting to receive big support and they are currently imposing fines and fees on passengers using main roads southward of Libya.

According to the Sudanese government, Darfur rebels are engaged in fighting in Libya to obtain weapons and funds before returning to carry out military activities in Darfur.

In June the Sudanese government  announced the distribution of the Sudanese Rapid Response Forces (SRF)  along the border with Libya and Egypt to fight organized crime and rebel movements from crossing the border.

According to a recent issue brief by the Small Arms Survey, Darfur rebel movements have become weak and internationally isolated as they operate outside the regions border taking part in the conflicts in South Sudan and Libya.