Dinka Ngok Chiefdom Demands Disengagement from Juba

Dinka Ngock chiefdom reveals an agreement was reached on a number of points in a meeting launched last week at Anit area with Abyei descendents living South Sudan. The attendees of the meeting have agreed on sending a delegation to meet AUHIP and delivers a complaint against South Sudan government besides demand ending Juba mandate on handling Abyei case , Ngock chiefdom secretary general Kuwal Malak told (smc). Malak insisted on the importance of discussing Abyei case by Abyei area descendents and not by government of Salva Kirr. Moreover according to Malak the meeting decides to send another delegation to Khartoum includes members of Abyei sons who live in South Sudan. The motive of visiting Khartoum was for meeting President Omar AL Bashir and briefs him on mistreatment they face in South Sudan, Malak said. He adds that South Sudan imposes fees on burying deaths of Dinka Nagok tribes.