Dinka Ngok Chiefdom to Meets over Disengagement from SS

Dinka Ngok general chiefdom reveals will hold a meeting next week to discuss means of implementing administrative and security arrangements besides disengagement from south Sudan (SS). The chiefdom said the meeting will be attended by sons of Abyei area who are presence in South Sudan.
The chiefdom secretary general Kuwal Malak told (smc) that the meeting aims at reaching an agreement for continuity of the joint commission (AJOC) meetings , implement security and administrative deal signed in Addis Ababa . Malak said Abyei sons in South Soudan are wandering and have nowhere to go. He said the final solution of Abyei case is in the hands of president Omar AL Bashir an Salva Kiir according to June, 20, 2011 deal. He explains that the deal stipulates that AJOC must hold regular round meetings with view of forming police and, legislative council. However Malak accuses government of south Sudan of procrastination regarding hold of joint meetings for solving the case.