Directives to Activate Border Trade with Chad: Government


The Presidency has directed West Darfur’s government to activate border trade and investment with neighboring countries.

In this regard, the government of West Darfur’s has revealed on  coordination with Chad to activate the trade process according to specific protocols.

Speaking to SMC, West Darfur governor Hussain Yaseen Hamad said that “the state is working to create an investment environment in the fields of agriculture and livestock, especially as it has the largest Cattle market in Darfur in the Khor  Banga area”.

Hamad revealed on coordination with Chad for trade exchange and facilitating the flow of goods through the activation of the trade movement and protocols signed in this regard.

Last April, the Sudanese-Chadian border development conference was held in West Darfur State capital, El-Geniena.

The two-day conference discussed a number of papers covering the economy, security, trade, social, cultural, media and sports cooperation between the two sides.

During which Sudan and Chad had agreed to establish a free-trade zone inside the Chadian territory in parallel to the free zone in El-Geniena.

In June Sudan and Chad had agreed to enhance security cooperation and promote economic, social and political relations on the joint border area.

In January 2010, Sudan and Chad signed a normalization agreement ending a long history of mutual hostility in which both sides provided support to each other’s insurgents.