Documents Uncovered SS Army supports to Armed Movements

JEM split field commanders ‘uncovered fresh documents stated that south Sudan government continues implication in sheltering and sponsoring Sudanese rebel groups aims at destabilizing security in Sudan and target regime change in Khartoum. Documents of which (smc) has obtained a copy pointed out that Juba assigns army chief of staff and intelligence to handle Sudanese rebel groups dossier and prepared them to archive their goals including fighting South Sudan rebels in a way similar to what had happened in Unity State during the last two years.
The documents stated that former SS army intelligence chief Gen Maj Boul and brigadier Akol Majok are in change of handling Sudanese armed movements dossier . SS military leaders are offering residence and offices in Juba for Sudanese rebels, financing their passive activities opening military training camps for them particularly in unity, western Bahr AL Ghazal and eastern Equatoria . Moreover the Sudanese rebels are trained at camps belong to SS army at Gug Mashar Rumbak, and Tumbura. In addition SS government offers treatment to Sudanese rebels at medical corp. As well Juba finances cases required treatment abroad particularly n Kampala. The support provided to the groups includes provision of ammunitions and arms , fuel spare parts supplied from SS army warehouses and stores or be bought from markets. Juba also facilitates supports coming to Sudanese rebels from parties hostile to Sudan such as Uganda and Jewish international groups. Moreover Juba hosts Sudanese opposition political forums coincides with military support it offers to armed movements. The Sudanese armed movements that are receiving support from SS army and Juba are; JEM; SLM led by Abdel Wahid Nur; SLM unity group ‘: SLM faction of Tarada and JEM for democracy formed of Missrieya outlaws groups.