Donors Delegation Stands on the Humanitarian Situation in the Country


The government of Sudan has renewed its commitment to deliver humanitarian assistance to all areas in Sudan and all needy citizens in the country.
The Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Ahmed Mohamed Adam said, during his meeting with the donor delegation, which includes a number of countries and friends of OCHA and the countries supporting the humanitarian issues in Sudan the armed movements obstacle the access of humanitarian assistance in some areas.
Adam briefed the delegation on the humanitarian situation and developments in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, in addition to the government efforts to complete the peace process in the country.
He stressed that the situation has stabilized during the past three years as a result of the cessation of hostilities, arms collection and voluntary return, pointing out that he told the donor delegation to start development work, especially in the areas of voluntary return.
He explained to the delegation the efforts exerted by the government to reduce the economic hardship through several governmental bodies working in the framework of dealing with the crisis, stressing the government’s keenness to achieve stability, peace and development.
He added, the delegation will visit two states in Darfur and South Kordofan to stand on the humanitarian situations and the cooperation between the government and the United Nations to achieve common goals, stressing that coordination needs to be more harmonious.
He noted that the delegation join financiers of the United Nations activities and that the funding plan for this year is billion dollar and the annual response level ranges from 50 to 60%.