Drastic Measures against Media Aimed to Stir up Trouble in Sudan: Government


The minister of Information, the government spokesperson Bishara Juma Aror said the Ministry will take drastic measures against several media for seeking to stir up trouble in Sudan.

According to SUNA, Aror has accused some channels by fabricating unrealistic scenes about the situation in Sudan.

He said ” we closely monitor and follow-up these channels and we will reserve them a different treatment,adding “Anyone who transgresses the rules of law and controls must absolutely be dealt with decisively because this jeopardizes the security of the country.”

“Freedom does not mean destruction, sabotage and enter into insecurity and destabilizing the nation”, Aror said.

He denied the government’s practice of restricting the media from covering the recent demonstrations, adding “This claim is an attempt to stigmatize the security services with things that did not occur or were not true, perhaps some frictions happen in the framework of their duties but this does not mean they prevent the broadcast of what is going on,”.