Economic Growth Tops Goal of Economic Reform: Dr. Fathi

Economic analyst Dr. Haytham Mohamed Fathi said any economic reform must constitute the fundamental factors of  improving  economic growth rate ,retraction  of inflation rate, drop in proportion of debts in Gross Domestic Product besides redistribution of surplus resulted from the economic  reform program in favor  of  health and education sectors  so as  to maintain social justice.

On background of the initiative of economic reform proposed recently by the Sudanese private sector, Dr. Fathi   in statement to SUNA called for injection of funds to score positive impacts in short term through implementing indirect investments to remedy the high rate of inflation.

The prices of commodities were recently shooting high in local market, affecting broad sector of the Sudanese people, Dr. Fathi said.

He assured that maintaining economic reform required existence of economic plan to help boosting the two fundamental productive sectors namely agriculture and industry.

These two sectors would contribute in availing the essential commodities needed for local consumption or export.

As well according to Dr. Fathi that agricultural and industrial projects return would compensate the deficit gap in ‘Commercial Balance’ and reduced unemployment rate.

source: Agenices