EDI Will Help To Bridge The Deficit Of US$ 4 Billion In The Budget

The expatriates’ dollar initiative (EDI) to enhance the economy of the country, has received all the due approval, especially on the part of the economists. To begin with, the banking and academic expert, Abu ‘Ubeida Saeed, says that EDI will help to bridge the gap/deficit in the budget which is estimated to reach US$ 4 billion.
He goes to say that the normal procedure to attract the savings of the expatriates is not through initiatives, but rather, via clear cut policies.
Mohamed ‘Abdulaziz, former banker, praised EDI, noting that there is a question that should vehemently be posed here; ‘to what extent is the central bank of Sudan much capable to attract via the official channels the money of the expatriates?’.
And economist Mohamed Ahmed Dangal, says that EDI should be widely marketed to cover all the places externally at which the Sudanese are working there.

source: Agenices