Egypt Makes Sweeping Arrests in Sudanese Region of Halayib in Bid to Drive Citizens Out


Egyptian authorities have arrested 222 Sudanese citizens during the past week and presented them to the Egyptian prosecution, which referred them to administrative bodies, according to leaders of the civil administration in Halayib district who also pointed to the Egyptian authorities’ intensive campaigns inside the Sudanese Territory.

According to SMC a number of National Administration leaders, said on Friday that the Egyptian authorities carried out campaigns in the Halayb, Shalatin and Abo Ramad areas, especially the people of “Ababdeh and Bashariyin” tribes, explaining that they have been arrested because they didn’t carrying the Egyptian card.

The leaders suggest doubt to the motives of the campaigns that aimed to evacuating the Halayib triangle from its population by intensifying campaigns along the Sudanese-Egyptian border in order to regulate gold exploration.


On Wednesday, the Egyptian government announced the allocation of billion and 100 million Egyptian pounds, about $60 million, for the development and reconstruction of the Halayib triangle. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry described this step as worthless and renewed adherence to Sudanese Halayib.

According to Al-Shorouq network, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Qureibullah Al-Khider, said in a statement that the situation is consistent with a Sudanese Halayb, and that the government renewed its complaint to the United Nations about the violation of the Halayib triangle by the Egyptian authorities last month.

The government renewed its complaint to the Security Council last month about Egypt’s violation of Sudanese territory. The complaint referred to the Egyptian authorities’ implementation of a decision issued by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi to remove the buildings, shops and Sudanese governmental facilities in Halayib on 18 March, and Egypt used dredges with the protection of Police and army to remove 164 shops and 40 houses belonging to the Sudanese.

Military Sites

The Egyptian army began to build a military site of an area of ​​1800 square meters, and the Engineer Corps did that west the gate of the line 22 in Halayb, according to Khartoum’s complaint.
Halayb certified Osman Ahmed Al-Samri
has announced that two workers were killed and 19 others were injured after they have been chasing by the Egyptian authorities, and the parliament accused the Egyptian of teasing the Sudanese from time to time in the Triangle area.

President Omar al-Bashir said in May that the government was patient with Egypt despite its occupation of Sudanese territory, referring to the “Halayb, Abu Ramad, Shalatin” triangle.

The government then announced that a Sudanese citizen had been shot by an Egyptian army patrol after firing a group of gold miners inside the border.