Egypt: Sudan’s Security and Stability are Top Priority for Egypt


Egypt’s ambassador to Sudan Hossam Eissa said that Sudan’s stability is an integral part of Egypt’s stability and security.

Eissa said in press statements on Sunday following a meeting with the assistant of the president, Faisal Ibrahim “Sudan’s security and stability are a top priority for Egypt”.

The meeting discussed number of issues, mainly bilateral relations between the two countries.

Eissa said there is a correspondence in viewpoints between the two countries on various issues; which was evident in a quartet meeting in Khartoum between the foreign and intelligence chiefs of both countries.

He pointed out that Egypt expressed its support for Khartoum’s efforts to achieve peace in the region and throughout Sudan.

In the same context, Egypt’s Deputy Foreign Minister for African Affairs, Ambassador Wael Adel Nasr,said his country closely monitors the Situations in Sudan without interference.