Egyptian Authorities Transfer Dozens of Sudanese Miners from Prison



Egyptian authorities transferred dozens of Sudanese miners to Aswan and Cairo for trial after being detained from inside Sudanese territory, according to a miner who had escaped from the Egypt-controlled Abu Ramad prison.

Badr al-Din Badawi said that he was able to escape from prison during transporting dozens of miners to another prison in Aswan or Cairo to appear before the court.

He explained that the Egyptian forces allowed some of the miners to contact their families and the governor of the Red Sea state, telling them that they had been detained in Abu Ramad prison.

He said that the Egyptian forces took the miners out of the prison at 10 pm in Saturday night to take them to Aswan and Cairo for trial.

Badawi appealed to the authorities at the state and federal level to move quickly with regard to the fact that the miners were kidnapped from within Sudanese territory, added “The government has to come to see the borders and to which country it belongs.”

He revealed that the forces that attacked the miners inside Sudan’s borders had also burned 14 of their camps and seized all their equipment.