Eleven Captives Abducted by JEM Arrive in Khartoum

Eleven captives fled prisons of JEM camp at Dami Zubier in South Sudan (SS) and arrived in Khartoum airport today (Saturday) evening. The camp was destroyed completely by South Sudan opposition. Had of operations at national intelligence and security service general Dokhri AL Zaman Omar who received captives at Khartoum airport said ‘’ the captives were abducted by JEM and led to south Sudan.’’ After the destruction of the camp recently by SS opposition the captives were able to flee through jungles until have reached the Sudanese borders, assembled inside Sudanese territories then transported to Nyala in south Darfur and from there to Khartoum. General Ahmed said NISS has been monitoring JEM movements and relocation of its activities inside south Sudan where it involves in civil war supporting SS government against opposition. General Ahmed said. He adds, they monitor JEM, abduction of people into South Sudan. General Ahmed referred to the famous battle of Gozdango where JEM elements coming from SS were crushed by Sudanese armed forces. General Ahmed reveals that still there are captives missed in Jungles of South Sudan. Meanwhile General Ahmed blames JEM and South Sudan government as responsible for the missing captives.