Erkan: Sudan is a fertile country to receive e-payment technology


The Regional Sales Director for Middle East and North Africa at VeriFone US Corporation, Ozgur Erkan said there are significant business opportunities in Sudan and his company came to support these opportunities.

Verifone is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of electronic payment and commerce solutions.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the Forum on Financial Stability, held recently in Khartoum, Erkan said  “The demand is available in Sudan and its fertile for technology”, adding “after lifting the economic sanctions many companies  came to Sudan”.

He said Sudan has great potentials and that they have come to contribute to the increase of electronic payment cards, awareness and training, adding that people in Sudan are good, professional and willing to work.

The Director General of Max Net” the VeriFone exclusive agent in Sudan” Ayman al-Tayib said that VeriFone was the first American company in the field of electronic payment to come after the lifting of the ban, revealing that it is a pioneer and spread in the world and has accumulated experience in this field with quality and international specifications.

He pointed out that attention was now focusing on Sudan, adding that if the obstacles to investors are facilitated and improved, this will contribute to the increase of their number. He added that the Max Net Company has been dealing with a number of Sudanese banks including the Central Bank.

Al-Tayib explained that they, along with their agency for VeriFone, were also agents for the German Dquyer Company, which works in file management and archiving, pointing out that their initial projects with the Farmers’ Bank in the field of electronic archiving and file facilitation management.