EU Express its Readiness to Support the Government of Sudan


The European Union (EU) expressed its readiness to support the government of Sudan to achieve lasting security and stability.

During his meeting with Assistant to the President Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, EU ambassador in Sudan  Jean-Michel Dumond refer to the importance of Sudan in the region.

Dumond welcomed the government’s announcement of the formation of the commission in investigating deaths due to the recent events in the country.

He expressed his thanks to the Sudanese authorities for organizing this meeting and clarifying their position toward the demonstrations.

He added “it’s always better to discuss and exchange views clearly and we want Sudan to enjoy stability, prosperity and democracy for its people.

He said “We have noted that the government was repeatedly saying: the right to demonstrate is guaranteed by the constitution, stressing that this right must be done without violence, restraint and respect for rights”.

Dumond added ” we have always said we are ready to support Sudan in reform, but we would like to know what kind of reforms will take place, because there is obviously no sustainable security solution, and its obviously need political and economic reform.”