Fact-Finding Committee Set to Investigate in Gezira Sabotage Incidents

The Wali (governor) of Gezira State, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Hannan, has issued aa decision on formation of a higher fact-finding committee to investigate in the sabotage incidents in Gezira State.

The committee is headed by an Armed Forces’ officer at the rank of colonel, a representative of the Legal Administration as a member and rapporteur and other members of the regular forces and the executive.

The decision has determined the tasks and jurisdiction of the fact-finding committee which include the Monitoring events, analyzing their causes and motives, and identifying deficiencies in measures, systems and policies or in the actions of officials in addition to fixing the losses and damage to life and private and public property.

The committee is also assigned to determine the responsibility for any acts or actions constituting crimes or violations of the law and to make recommendations for reparation and restitution of rights and accountability for those responsible for crimes and offenses as well as documentation of sabotage.

The decision has set a period of two weeks for the committee to submit its report to the competent

authorities, and directed the Ministry of Finance to provide the necessary budget for work of the committee.

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