Farmers at Al-Fashqa Area in Gedaref state Receive Fuel

Gedaref state has distributed 15 thousand gallons of fuel to the farmers of the border village to complete the agricultural activities.
Mohammed Adam Idris, of Al-Fashqa locality said in a statement to the SMC that the success of the agricultural season of this year in the locality due to the heavy rainfall and the provision of aid and the interest of the state government to make the current agricultural season a success.
On the other hand he disclosed arrangements for signing a contract to establish the road linking the state with Ethiopia, indicating that the continental route starts from the city of Shawak to the Lakhdi area and ends in the territory of Al-hamra in Ethiopian.
He noted that there is only the signing of contracts, which will be during the coming period. The road will increase the trade exchange between the two countries, besides highlighting the economic advantages in the locality.
He adding that the border crossings aim to facilitate the movement of individuals.