FCF Calls TMC to Discuss the Disputed Points


Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) said it will enter into talks with the Transitional Military Council (MTC) for 72 hours.
The FCF statement conformed that they will send their response to the MTC in writing.
According to the statement the disputed points were determined and the discussion over it will be decisive.

The FCF subjected the resumption of negotiations with the TMC to enter into direct and continuous discussion over the disputed points to end within 72 hours.
The statement demanded that the meeting take place in an appropriate place to accomplish its work far from the media tricks.
The statement said that the FCF received a call from the TMC to resume the talks and it was agreed that the previous approach is not consistent with the demands of the Sudanese people in achieving the goals of the revolution as soon as possible.
The statement disclosed that the FCF meetings agreed to continue the escalating steps as the sole guarantee to achieve the goals of the revolution.