Foreign Ministry will visit to Cairo to Discuss Implementing Agreements


A number of Sudanese officials, headed by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem will visit Egypt in August, to discuss the implementation of the agreements that have been signed between the two countries recently.

Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum, Osama Shaltout,pointing to the will of the leaders of the two countries to enforce cooperation agreements and put them on the ground.

He explained that the new agreements that can be signed at the meetings of the Presidential Committee to be held on October in Khartoum will be discussed.

Shaltout said that the presidential meetings will be preceded by several meetings at the ministerial level, pointing out that there are a number of agreements will be discussed in Cairo, pointing to the existence of a matrix of work between the two countries will see the light during the coming period.

According to SMC, the Egyptian ambassador issued directives issued to the Foreign Ministers of the two countries to follow the strategic partnership document signed in October 2016 and set specific timetables for their enforcement.