Francis Deng: Despite Secession, Sudan And South Sudan Hearts Beat as One


Professor Francis Deng, the intellectual and leader of South Sudan, stressed the need for Sudan and South Sudan to cooperate in resolving their internal problems, while describing the Sudanese mediation role as a positive and good step.

In a seminar organized by the SMC, Deng said that the internal problems are creating problems in the border between the two countries, stressing that Sudan and South Sudan, despite the secession but still linked to each other, calling for the need to work to solve the problems.

He added, “Unity or separation, the relations between the two countries will continue. ”

Deng pointed out that the South Sudan parties focus on the power division more than providing a safe environment and free from hurricanes, pointing to the importance of reaching a solution that sets the basis of the main problems in the south.

He call on the countries of Sudan and South Sudan to cooperate.

Professor Francis reviewed his memoirs and touched on his research and studies in the customary laws and the efforts of the unity of Sudan, which stressed the need to be based on the principles of equality and recognition of Sudanese civilizations and cultures and dealing with the reality of diversity in the country.