Full Resumption of Financial Transactions with Sudan: US Treasury


The US Department of Treasury has sent a letter to Khartoum stating the full resumption of financial transactions between Sudan and international banks as of last Thursday, according to Sudan’s Minister of Finance Mohamed Salih Al Rikabi.

The Finance Minister, who was interviewed by Asharq Al Awsat also described the US Department of Treasury letter as “significant breakthrough” in Sudan’s relations with the international financial sector and international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, foreign investors, as well as all Sudanese expatriates.

The ministry would continue to deal with the regional and international financial institutions to attract foreign investments and achieve economic stability, Al Rikabi adds.

Commenting on Washington’s decision to delay the permanent lifting of economic sanctions, Al Rikabi said “despite dissatisfaction with the decision but it has achieved significant gains regarding the international financial transactions”.

He added the new executive order didn’t provide for additional restriction on President Obama’s decision to ease the sanctions.